Bank of America IGEN volunteers during JA Leaders Day at George West Elementary School in Providence.

Bank of America IGEN volunteers during JA Leaders Day at George West Elementary School in Providence.

The heart of everything we do...

Our volunteers are at the heart of everything that we do. Volunteers play a key role in bringing Junior Achievement to life. By sharing personal and professional experiences and skills with students from the local community, volunteers help them make the connection between what they are learning in school and what they will need to succeed in work and life.

* 99% of volunteers would recommend the JA experience to colleagues or friends.

* 92% of volunteers report that students who participate in JA have a better understanding of how the world works.

Read more on how the JA Volunteer model has a positive impact on student outcomes.

If you have not yet committed to volunteering in 2018 - 2019, visit our website to sign-up!

2017 - 2018

Carrie Abatiello Santander Bank
Ashlee Accetta Fidelity Investments
Varsha Agrawal Modi Beacon Mutual Insurance Company
Jason Agresti Gilbane Building Company
Joe Agresti Davies Career & Technical High School
Jared Aguiar MetLife Auto & Home
Lisa Albert Community Volunteer
Monica Almeida Citizens Bank
Dalida Alves Santander Bank
Diana Alzate Santander Bank
Daequan Amado Youth Build Prep
Eric Amaral Ernst & Young
Renee Ambrifi Bank of America
Louis Amoriggi Webster Bank
Joe Andrade Cox Communications
Kimberly Arcand Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Sokha Arias Santander Bank
Beth Ashman Apprenticeship Rhode Island
Christie Aybar Santander
Shannan Bacchus MetLife Auto & Home
Miranda Baffaro South County Hospital
Carol Baker TelecomPioneers
Charlie Banaszak Brown University
Connie Barekman Ella Risk Elementary School
Stephanie Barreira Neto Santander Bank
Manny Barrows Bank Rhode Island
Andrew Bartlett Citizens Bank
Nino Bastianelli Brown University
Mark Beaudreau Guill Tool & Engineering Co., Inc.
Tara Beaulieu All That Matters Yoga Studio
Jaclyn Beauregard The Gnarly Dog
Nathan Beauvais Sowa Financial
Christina Befumo Davies Career & Technical High School
Christopher Bernal Providence Fire Department
Maliyah Bernard RI Nurses Institute Middle College
Jason Bessette Howley Bread Group/Panera Bread
Hayley Bezubka Schneider Electric
William Bianchi Rhode Island Student Loan Authority
Joeseph Bianco Rhode Island Department of Labor & Training
Kerri Bilodeau Schneider Electric
Shawna Blackburn Federal Bureau of Investigation
Stephany Blackwell Providence Fire Department
Dennis Blais Bank of America
Nicholas Blonder Bryant University
Robert Bodoni MetLife Auto & Home
Vorn Bonilla Taco Comfort Solutions
Lisa Bourbonnais Town of East Greenwich
Jessica Bradley Community Volunteer
Andrew Bravo Youth Build Prep
Shannon Brawley Rhode Island Nursery and Landscape Assoc.
Marie Brito Veterans Memorial Elementary School
Bruce Broadard Verizon Communications Inc.
Jake Bromberg Narragansett High School
Rachel Brooks Alex and Ani LLC
Austin Brunero Schneider Electric
Kristen Bryce Narragansett Elementary School
Joe Burgess Amtrak
Kevin Burns Bank Rhode Island
James Burroughs Fidelity Investments
Ian Butterbrodt Brown University
Katy Cabral Fidelity Investments
Melissa Caffrey North Providence High School
Katie Caggiano Citizens Bank
Leticia Calixto Santander Bank
Jamie Caniglia Alex and Ani LLC
Joe Caparco Laborers Apprentice Program
Karen Cardillo East Providence High School
Meredith Carlson Upserve
Suzanne Carmody Citizens Bank
Lisa Carnevale DesignXRI
Art Caron Gilbane Building Company
Sherri Carrera GLAD WORKS Inc.
David Cartier Bank of America
Krystal Carualho Rhode Island State Police
John Casey US Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Kelsey Caswell South Bay Veterinary Clinic
Sean Ceccofiglio Fidelity Investments
Annie Cecil Schneider Electric
Debra Celio Citizens Bank
Rita Cellucci North Providence High School
Karen Cerino Uno Pizzeria & Grill
Patricia Chadwick Manpower
Krista Chappell Utilidata
Jamie Chatel MetLife Auto & Home
Jim Cherello Dave & Buster's
Lauren Chiarini Citizens Bank
Lizbeth Chinchilla Davies Career & Technical High School
Danielle Chivallatti International Yacht Restoration School
Marco Cifuentes Cox Communications
Michele Cinquegrano Verizon Communications
Susan Clark Rhode Island College
Anamaria Clarkin Santander Bank
Hugh Clements Providence Police Department
Hannah Cole Alex and Ani LLC
Heather Coleman Bank of America
Daimar Colon The Met High School
Aiesha Colson Santander Bank
Ferdinando Comperone Santander Bank
Francis Jere Connor MetLife Auto & Home
Katelyn Connor MetLife Auto & Home
Jake Conway Bryant University
Rebekah Cook Rebekah Cook Art
Karen Cooper Schneider Electric
Kim Cordeiro Alex and Ani
Sandra Corin Citizens Bank
Renice Corley FedEx
Lori Corsi Dimeo Construction Company
Andrew Corsini Supfina Machine Company
Heather Corson Newport Aviation
Felcia Costa Santander Bank
Christopher Costa Pinecrest Golf Course
Janine Couto Santander Bank
Amy B. Craig Junior Achievement of Rhode Island
Jessica Crumrine MetLife Auto & Home
Khianny Cruz Santander Bank
Alfonso Cumplido Independence Financial Partners
Briar Dacier Davies Career & Technical High School
Michaela Dagustino Community Volunteer
Christine D'Ambra MetLife Auto & Home
Chris DaRosa Taco Comfort Solutions
Matthew Dauray International Yacht Restoration School
Jeffrey Davenport Providence Fire Department
Erica Davies Trilix
Tammy Deangelis Fidelity Investments
Jaime DeCosta Bank Rhode Island
Cheryl Degnan Ella Risk Elementary School
Katerin DeLavosa Johnny Rockets
Alexandria DeLorenzo Citizens Bank
Sara Demarais Citizens Bank
Nelson Demelo Citizens Bank
Desiree Demos Community Volunteer
Dorothy DePina Santander Bank
Candi Desjardins US Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Nancy DeSocio Meditech
Raquel Diaz Santander Bank
Nicholas DiBenedetto Becton Dickenson
John DiBiase IBEW #99 Joint Apprenticeship Training Center
Nicholas DiCarlo Central Falls Police Department
Albert DiFazio Davies Career & Technical High School
Peter DiFilippo TD Bank
Lisa DiMartino The Rhode Island Foundation
Tania DiMartino Veterans Memorial Elementary School
Dana DiScenza University of Rhode Island
Kristin DiVona Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Kevin Donohue Community Volunteer
Kathlean Dorcus Santander Bank
Peter Dorsey The Business Development Company
Ana Isabel dos Reis-Couto Citizens Bank
Ammala Douangsavanh Neighborhood Health Plan of RI
Roseanna Doughty Town of Burrillville
Jennifer Doyle Citizens Bank
Peter Drago Citizens Bank
Meaghan Dresser Citizens Bank
Anita Dudemaine Citizens Bank
Nancy Dufresne Bank Rhode Island
Cheryll Dupree Citizens Bank
Phil Duquette Ambit Energy - South County Energy
Liz Durand Schneider Electric
Lauren Durante Ella Risk Elementary School
Nicole Dusang Brown University
Clarence Early CME
Kathe Eaton Community Volunteer
Evan Ellis Brown University
Jorge Elorza City of Providence
Derek Emery Narragansett High School
Briana Enos Santander Bank
Holson Escalazy Bank of America
Danielle Fagan Community Volunteer
Tanya Fandino-Leung Citizens Bank
Joseph Fantozzi Davies Career & Technical High School
Machaela Farias Santander Bank
Diana Fashjian Citizens Bank
Leslie Feliz Santander Bank
Ruben Feliz Providence Fire Department
Seamus Fennely Schneider Electric
Maria Fernandes Santander Bank
Rosaura Fernandez Cox Communications
David Ferreira TD Bank
Melissa Ferreira Citizens Bank
Nelson Ferreira Santander Bank
Maria Ferreira Rhode Island Department of Labor & Training
Kevin Fichter MetLife Auto & Home
Jessica Fielder Schneider Electric
Kyle Fields Youth Build Prep
Ron Fiore Fiore Investment Corp.
Leah Fischer Wood River Animal Hospital
Ashley Fiske Santander Bank
Gina Fleming Citizens Bank
John Flint Salve Regina University
Chris Flores Schneider Electric
Jason Flynn Santander Bank
Kelly Flynn Veterans Memorial Elementary School
Desiree Ford Providence Fire Department
Cassidy Forsley Bryant University
Kristin Fraser KPMG LLP
Kristine Frech Teach For America
Wendy Frimpong Santander Bank
Allan Fung City of Cranston
Carol Furlich Community Volunteer
Karthika Gaddam Citizens Bank
Kevon Ganga MetLife Auto & Home
Estefany Garcia Santander
Edwin Garcia Santander Bank
John Garnetto Youth Build Prep
Ronald Gaynor Davies Career & Technical High School
Maura Gazerro Community Volunteer
Anthony Gemma Anthony Gemma Real Estate
Lauren George Community Volunteer
Leslie Gibbons Veterans Memorial Elementary School
Rachel Gillis Citizens Bank
Jonna Gilmore Citizens Bank
Ryan Glander Bryant University
Robert Glew Bank of America
Yadira Glichrest US Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Emilietta Godfrin Ella Risk Elementary School
Russell Godin Rhode Island Interlocal Risk Management Trust
Sean Goggin US Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Manuel Goncalves Dimeo Construction Company
Wendy Gongoleski Citizens Bank
Johnna Gonzalez Fidelity Investments
Diamond Gonzalez Santander Bank
Nellie Gorbea State of Rhode Island
Joy Gormley Bank of America
Kenneth Graf Marine Acoustics Incorporated
Michael Graziano AXA Advisors
Hilary Greaves Veterans Memorial Elementary School
Maureen Greaves Veterans Memorial Elementary School
Marianne Grimes Ella Risk Elementary School
Mary Grosso Santander Bank
Andrew Groth KPMG LLP
David Grundy A/Z Corporation
Nick Haase Warm Winds Surf Shop
Brianne Hackney Youth Build Prep
Jamal Haddada Citizens Bank
Steve Hague Citizens Bank
Julia Hall Dimeo Construction Company
Crystal Hall Community Volunteer
Richard Hall Microsoft
Peter Hamill Dimeo Construction Company
Alison Hand Reeder Rhode Island Student Loan Authority
Kim Hapgood Sail Newport
Wesley Hardman Schneider Electric
Andrew Harris Bank of America
Tim Heald Schneider Electric
Patrick Hennedy Fidelity Investments
Titus Her MetLife Auto & Home
Nicolas Hernandez Merrill Lynch
Brian Hernandez Citizens Bank
Margaret Heroux Santander Bank
Dennis Hillard Rhode Island State Crime Lab
Kathryn Hirschfeld Independence Financial Partners
Jennie Hirst Brookline Bancorp, Inc
Marjorie Houston The White Family Foundation
Matt Hughes Citizens Bank
Sara Hutchings-Schwartz Junior Achievement of RI
Jess Hutchinson Bank of America
Jeannine Jackson Community Volunteer
Meghan Jackson Citizens Bank
Randall Jackvony Trilix
Mark Jacobs Wolters Kluweer
Alban Jacquin Schneider Electric
Peter James Citizens Bank
Michele Jemo Santander Bank
Evan Jennings Schneider Electric
Scott Jensen Rhode Island Department of Labor & Training
Ray Johnson New England Laborers
JoAnn Johnson Junior Achievement of Rhode Island
Jessica Kamer Citizens Bank
Sarah Kane Narragansett High School
Matthew Katon Veterans Memorial Elementary School
Christine Keefe Santander Bank
Donald Keeley Brown University
Megan Kellam A Cut Above Hair Design
Edelgard Kelleher Citizens Bank
Stephanie Kellog Brown University
Janie Kiley Howley Bread Group/Panera Bread
Veronica Kilgore Citizens Bank
Peter Kilmartin State of Rhode Island
Audrey Kilsey Ella Risk Elementary School
Heather Kisilywicz Vicor
Gerri Kitchell MetLife Auto & Home
Melissa Kolakowski Citizens Bank
Kevin Korsah Santander Bank
Hunter Kosco Brown University
Allison Kosiorek University Orthopedics
Zachary Krause Brown University
Jamie Krause Ella Risk Elementary School
April Kuzdeba Providence Fire Department
Lillian L Youth Build Prep
Keri LaBerge Santander Bank
Andrew LaBrie Brown University
Christian LaBrie Brown University
Kerri Lacroix Santander Bank
Austin Laffan Santander Bank
Christian LaFragola Brown University
Carol Lai Teach For America
Scott Lajoie Bank Rhode Island
Vicky Lamoriello Community Volunteer
Tom Lansburg Community Volunteer
Fritz Lanz Narragansett Pier Middle School
Wendy Laranjo Santander Securities
Lesley Larguinho Bank of America
Christopher Larkin Fidelity Investments Kathy Laroque Coventry High School

Kristen Larsen Schneider Electric
Cristoffer Larsen Schneider Electric
Nicholas Lattanze Brown University
Christopher LeBlanc North Smithfield High School
Christopher Leblanc Santander Bank
Lindsey Leclerc Ella Risk Elementary School
Robert Lee Taco Comfort Solutions
Sandra Jeanne Lefebvre MetLife Auto & Home
Daniel Legault Advice Period
Jessica Lemire Santander Bank
Karen Lenney Community Volunteer
Sandra Lennon Santander Bank
Anthony Leone Leone Law LLC
Emily Lepper Schneider Electric
Alexandra Lerner Alex and Ani LLC
Ginarae Lescault Schneider Electric
David Levesque Brewed Awakenings
Emily Levin Brown University
Stacy Levin Bank Rhode Island
Jill Levocowich Schneider Electric
Lee Lewis Junior Achievement of Rhode Island
Christine Liguori Schneider Electric
Elizabeth Lind Exeter-West Greenwich High School
Schadalle Liriano Santander Bank
Kelsey Lloyd Schneider Electric
Alisa Loiselle Bank Rhode Island
Stephen Lombard Cox Communications
Dana Long Schneider Electric
Richard Lowell Davies Career & Technical High School
Kayla Lubo Rhode Island Nurses Institute Middle College
Yosmerie Luna Rhode Island Nurses Institute Middle College
Marleny Luna Santander Bank
Tiffany Mabee KPMG LLP
Brandon Macko Santander Bank
Jessica MacNeill Cranston Public Schools
Lindsay Madon Community Volunteer
Bradford Maher Schneider Electric
Christopher Maher Providence Public Schools
Tim Maloney Bank of America
Jim Manni Narragansett Town Hall
Kristine MarcAurele New England Institute of Technology
Hebonny Maria Santander Bank
David Marion Bank of America
David Mark Cox Communications
Darryl Marsh Community Volunteer
Margaret Martin Community Volunteer
Erica Martineau Bank Rhode Island
Jasmine Martinez North Providence High School
Fallon Masterson Davies Career & Technical High School
Nicole Mattiello Pranzi Catering & Events
Joseph Mazzone Davies Career & Technical High School
Donna McCadden Narragansett School System
Tonya McCann Schneider Electric
Jennifer McCaughey Santander Bank
Anna McDougall Brookline Bancorp, Inc
Brandy McGrath Bank of America
Ashley McGreevy Schneider Electric
Sean McHugh Family Auto Sales Inc.
Elizabeth McKanna Narragansett Pier Middle School
Daniel McKee State of Rhode Island
Michael McNally Community Volunteer
Rita McNamar Citizens Bank
John McNamara Pier Picture
Mike Meagher Santander
Nora Meah International Yacht Restoration School
Darling Melgar Cruz Fidelity Investments
Lisa Mello Cox Communications
Denise Mello Santander Bank
Fabiola Mendes Santander Bank
Jonathan Mendes Full Keel Marine
Karlos Mendez Santander Bank
Loraine Mercurio Santander Bank
Megan Merlino KPMG LLP
Elizabeth Messier Citizens Bank
Khajag Mgrdichian Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Delia Michailides South County Hospital
Savanah Miles Bryant University
Jamison Miller Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
Raymond Mills Schneider Electric
Kandy Mimande MetLife Auto & Home
Ashley Miner Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick
Suzanne Mitchell Ella Risk Elementary School
Lori Mollo Citizens Bank
Matthew Mollo Community Volunteer
Gail Moniz Citizens Bank
Ericka Moore Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island
Leah Morton Citizens Bank
Ronda Mosby Citizens Bank
Janet Mullaney Bank of America
Jennifer Mullen Rhode Island College
Dana Mulvaney Community Volunteer
Karen Murphy Davies Career & Technical High School
Susan Murphy Community College of Rhode Island
Aidan Murray Bryant University
Mark Musco Citizens Bank
John Myers Gilbane Building Company
Danny Nagle Extreme Auto and Marine Repair
Dina Needham Johnston Public Schools
Carlos Neves Gilbane Building Company
Arthur Nevins State of Rhode Island
Kim Newton MetLife Auto & Home
David Niziolek MetLife Auto & Home
Rictania Nogueras Bank of America
Tori Noka Schneider Electric
Jane Northup Rhode Island State Crime Lab
Rebecca Nunez KPMG LLP
Hayley O'Donnell MetLife Auto & Home
Kevin O'Grady Citizens Bank
Andrea O'Keefe Fidelity Investments
Betsey Oliver Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Bart Orr Bank of America
Naiviv Ortiz Rhode Island Nurses Institute Middle College
Jorge Ortiz-Garcia Bryant University
Michael Ouellette Community Volunteer
Robert Pacheco Providence Fire Department
Terrell Paci Providence Fire Department
Lindsay Paiva Ella Risk Elementary School
Julie Palazini CSC Paymaster
Mark Paliotti Town of Narragansett
Amanda Palmer Bank of America
Tricia Pan Narragansett Surf & Skate
Barry Parks Washington Trust
Lisa Parrillo Bank Rhode Island
Navik Patel Santander Bank
Sandy Paul Citizens Bank
James Pawelski Brown University
Shelly Peckham Gilbane Building Company
Hugh Peltz Citizens Bank
Neyeisis Pena Delossantos Santander Bank
Chrystyna Penelton Santander Bank
Raymond Pensalfini Aclara
Maria Perez Santander Bank
Kim Perry Community Volunteer
Meghan Petrichlco Community Volunteer
Nikolas Petropoulos Fidelity Investments
Kristen Petrucci Citizens Bank
Andrew Pezzelli Salve Regina University
Austin Pfarr Brown University
Emily Pietrzak US Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Brittany Pina Santander Bank
David Pistacchio US Naval Undersea Warfare Center
James Plaziak Schneider Electric
Irina Porto Santander Bank
Sheila Poschman Verizon Communications
Theodore Powers Brown University
Nyasia Price South County Animal Shelter
Nancy Price Bank of America
Kristina Price Community Volunteer
Kelli Proia Lawducate
Oscar Puente North Providence High School
Kaja Puerini Pratt Family Dentistry
Rosemary Puleo MetLife Auto & Home
Wilfredo Quinonez Santander Bank
Malia Quirindongo Stout Irish Pub
Susan Ragano KPMG LLP
Samuel Raheb Santander Bank
Socrates Ramirez Hilton Providence
Susan Ramsey Rhode Island Hospital
Judah Ravello Citizens Bank
Janet Raymond Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce
Thomas Reagan Bryant University
Lori Redman Citizens Bank
Nelson Rego Taco Comfort Solutions
Ryan Rego MetLife Auto & Home
Alvaro Reina Rhode Island College
Lucine Reinbold Raytheon
Frederick Reinhardt Greenwood Credit Union
Steve Renehan Community Volunteer
Mikel Resto Maccou Santander Bank
Yeny Reyes Santander Bank
Marcos Ribeiro Bank of America
Robert Ricci Bank Rhode Island
Nicole Richards Schneider Electric
Mackenzie Richards Bank Rhode Island
Kristin Riley OPT Physical Therapy
Matthew Riley Providence Fire Department
Patricia Rinaldi Community Volunteer
Juan Rios The Met High School
Nisper Rivera Santander Bank
Stephanie Robl Ten Key, Inc
Daniel Rodrigues Bank of America
Yomaira Rodriguez Central Falls Police Department
Berkis Rodriguez Veterans Memorial Elementary School
Bryce Rogers Brown University
Brian Romano Fidelity Investments
Chantell Rosa Alex and Ani
Jason Rosenberg Santander Bank
Allyson Rosinha Santander Bank
Deidre Rowles Ella Risk Elementary School
Olivia Roy KPMG LLP
Abigial Roy Community Volunteer
Laurie Roy Citizens Bank
Lisa Ruggiero Roger Williams Park Zoo
Steve Russel Bank Rhode Island
Stephen Russell Bank Rhode Island
Michael Russo Brown University
Robert Ryan Wakefield Books
Ashley Salazar Davies Career & Technical High School
Lisa Saletta Community Volunteer
Alyson Saltzman Citizens Bank
Zeke Salvo Brown University
Chanary Sam Santander Bank
Danielle Samoorian Herb Chambers Honda of Seekonk
Scott Sanderson MetLife Auto & Home
Erik Sanford Dimeo Construction Company
Jonathan Santiago Fidelity Investments
Patricia Saracino Bank Rhode Island
Gilbert Satnarain Youth Build Prep
Kenneth Scannell Taco Comfort Solutions
Ashley Schneck Schneider Electric
Lynne Schoenberger Bank Rhode Island
Gary Schoumaker Fidelity Investments
Harony Segura Rhode Island Nurses Institute Middle College
Bahjat Shariff Howley Bread Group/Panera Bread
Linda Sheridan Fidelity Investments
Martha Sheridan Providence Warwick Conv. & Visitors Bureau
Erin Shone Coastway Community Bank
Nathan Shweary Providence Fire Department
Timothy Sieben US Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Jason Silva Santander Bank
Greg Silva Webster Bank
Brandon Simeone Schneider Electric
Richard Simone EGN LLC
Catherine Simpson Santander Bank
Alan Sims Community Volunteer
Trevi Sisto Berretta Law PC
Stephanie Skymba Central Falls High School
Christopher Smith Schneider Electric
Lauren Smith Fidelity Investments
Joseph Solomon State of Rhode Island
Mariam Sosa Santander Bank
Tina Southiseng MetLife Auto & Home
Lauren Spink Narragansett Elementary School
Justin Staudenmayer Brown University
Chuck Stefanou Sea Horse Pet Shop
Emilia Strazolis Bryant University
Michael Strojny Davies Career & Technical High School
Michael Sullivan Verizon Communications
Margarita Suvorov Bryant University
Natalie Swann Citizens Bank
Timothy Sweeney Alex and Ani LLC
Susan Tanona Fidelity Investments
Gina Tarantino Bryant University
Arthur Taylor Comprehensive Community Action Program
Margret Taylor Pro Active Physical Therapy
Nicholas Tefft Bryant University
Julie Temlak Mass Mutual Financial
Jeannine Thibault Twin River
Gladys Thompson Citizens Bank
Aidan Tiede Johnson & Wales University
Claudine Tikoian Santander Bank
Russel Tillier MetLife Auto & Home
David Tobin Bank of America
Sasha Tobin South Kingstown Animal Shelter
DeAnna Tomlinson Santander Bank
Jason Topp Providence College
Steven Torres Youth Build Prep
Kevin Tracy Bank of America
Courtney Trahan International Yacht Restoration School
Shena Tremblay Veterans Memorial Elementary School
Sarina Trethewey Independence Financial Partners
Trumane Trotman Johnson & Wales University
Kris Turgeon Tech Collective
Eric Turner KPMG LLP
Oliver Tutt Randall Financial Group
Pamela Tweed Citizens Bank
James Valentino Brown University
Loyri Valera Santander Bank
Jamie Vargas Citizens Bank
Clara Vega Bank Rhode Island
Karlyn Velasquez Fidelity Investments
Keith Vellone South Kingston High School
Jonathan Viruet Brown University
Susan Votto Davies Career & Technical High School
Alexis Wahad MetLife Auto & Home
Gail Walker Rhode Island Student Loan Authority
Laura Wallace Community Volunteer
Olivia Waranis Narragansett Radiology
Caitlin Ward Schneider Electric
Tom Warren Fidelity Investments
Emily Wayland Citizens Bank
Jean Claude Wehbe Providence Marriott Downtown
Alicia Wells-Smith Bank of America
Jonathan Wesson Bank of America
Rebecca Wetmore Cox Communications
John Whelan Schneider Electric
Jerrhonda White Providence Marriott Downtown
Mary-Kathleen Whitten S. Kingstown Partership for Prevention
Karen Wilhelm Citizens Bank
Summer Wilkins Coventry Animal Hospital
Emily Williams Amica Mutual Insurance Company
Carol Williams Skills USA
Rhonda Winters Citizens Bank
Mary Wise Veterans Memorial Elementary School
Seth Wiseman International Yacht Restoration School
Audrey Wozniak RI Nurses Institute Middle College
Alyce Wright Lila Delman Real Estate
Yu Xie Schneider Electric
Don Zambarano KPMG LLP
Aimee Zanni Citizens Bank
Tucker Ziegler Brown University
Stephanie Zuba Ella Risk Elementary School

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